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Concord Free Press

We publish books and give them away for free

Let’s get this straight right from the start—we’re not proposing free books as a cure for what ails modern publishing. That would be stupid. We like books. We buy books. We don’t think all books should be free—just ours.

That said, we’re dedicated to a different kind of publishing, one that “defies all of our expectations about what a publishing house should do.” We’re interested in making waves, challenging assumptions, and re-invigorating the book, which isn’t dead yet, by the way.

Think about it this way. No matter who published them or how good they are, most books go on a familiar trajectory—new, used, shelved permanently, dusty. Ours keep going from hand to hand, generating donations along the way. Readers are generally good people. We give them a chance to get a great book for free—and encourage contributions to organizations and individuals in their own community or further afield. Writers are generous too, and interested in being part of something new and positive in publishing. Publishing a book with us doesn’t preclude it going on to a second commercial life.

From our global headquarters in West Concord, Massachusetts, high above (well, we’re on the second floor) the mighty Nashoba Brook (more like a creek, actually), we’re publishing books that connect reading and giving like never before. And that’s enough for us.



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