Project Description

John Earle Photography

By Way of Introduction

Married (happily) … 4 kids (god lov’em) … a ton of experience (see pics) … very, very good with people … care a lot about my clients … guitar player … fisherman (Fly )… a passion for art and ideas … always looking for the next thing …

A Story …
I’m in Washington DC, lying on the bed in my room at the Tabard Inn. This room, originally the parlor of an old townhouse, is enormous. The furniture is old and a bit forlorn. I am surrounded by large portraits of anonymous men and women of another era reminding me that life generally improves over time (thank you GAP). I love this place. It’s funky, has a fine restaurant, and the bar is a great place to sip scotch with friends. I’m talking to my wife Marni and itching my ankles. When I mention the latter, she suggests that my room has fleas in the carpets.

You gotta laugh. Here I am thinking I’m some fancy pants photographer in town to immortalize the legendary Chairman of the Fed, and some fleas in the carpets keep it real. I love it when that happens (not the fleas … the real). Photography is like that. You think you’ve got it together and then something happens to remind you that there is Big Magic out there and you better be paying attention.



152 Brick Building Upstairs

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